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Easter Monday 22nd April 2019.

It has been 14 days since i last sat dribbled across this here machine...and only including this post three times in this month of April...i sit here and pause thinking of some reasons quite why i have not, or even why i should. Perhaps i am in shock for nealy two weeks without rain passing in the Manchester Basin, Easter temps almost hot enough to melt Easter Eggs.... with yesterday a whopping 75F...hotter by golly than Perth Western Australia...
Yes, yes, i'm sorry my spiffy philosophy caught on the hop by a curly leafed wood nymph...perhaps my ragged trousered philanthropist pushing tuppence worth of Easter Eggs my way, thus feeding through to my field of companions caused chaos...for a few days...the small boy within simply loves chocolate whilst the wrinkled stockings tart, tut tuts...but even she fought for Easter Eggs this year which was quite a shock...to my inner self...
I have also reached my 365th day of retireing from full time postal work, which has also made sit down open a bottle of wine and contemplate where i am in my last nine yards of life on this here planet...i look in the mirror and wonder who indeed is staring back...the tart especially so, all those lines she whispers..which is why she has simply thought sod it and eaten a few Easter Eggs herself...
I have also found time to sit behind a wheel which is not a postal van and trip down to North Wales to my favourite beach stare out to sea and again wonder what draws me to this beach..is it the sound of the waves rolling in and the magnitude of the horizon without a tower block, traffic light, in sight...

......The whole beach is lined with sand dunes where one can sing and dance or frollick with wood nymphs should you wish....i heard some Australians chatting on the beach..

I am not sure if these were said company, but the elderly gent with his small hat made me smile as he strutted up and down the beach he just reminded me of film back in the 70's....

These rocks now smooth with age lie at one end of the beach you can come here,hide sit on a rock and wonder where have all the years gone as the waves crash in...time i think to close to all whom pass this way have a good week ahead...So Goeth...


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Apr. 23rd, 2019 03:19 pm (UTC)
You've reignited in me my need to get back down to the beach. It's only a 45 minute drive for me to find myself at the edge of the cool Pacific Ocean, but it seems that there's something in the way, something that just has to be done which I use as an excuse and which prevent me from doing just that.
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