bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday May 8th 2019.

Seventy four years ago today Churchill made his famous speech...amongst the words spoken were. " This is your Victory "....some how along the way in these past seventy four years, has this country lost it's way every town in the land is festooned with cctv camera's, this town i live in has also white cars festooned with camera's, crawling around the streets indeed looking for what...???...perhaps runaway Flea's....This year the free local bus which scoots around town has ceased the town rulars whom goven our lives say cuts are i the only one whom thinks i now live in an open prison..perhaps i should simply wrap fish and chips in my universal declaration of human rights and be done with it...why do i have this thing about freedom of movement with out a camera stuck up my it because i am a transvestite or simply 1960's up bringing through the summer of love...perhaps perhaps.
Either way the hump of the week is almost over, down hill to the weekend...and i am venturing out to see the punk Undertones....Yippie....
in Manchester on saturday day night perhaps i am still in my ' teenage kicks years '....So Goeth.
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