bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 5th June 2019.

Shall i try to make it three posts in a i going mad..has the word summer caused this machine to throw out a few hicups or simply my old bones shivering in the nights darkness throws out a bunch of old keys whispering open them doors and climb out and up into the sunlight after all Summer has begun even if the rain drops howl down the green leaves cascade across the tarmac to dance in open arms with wild flowers whom the local council have not sprayed to death rather than employ gardeners.
Am i well, or perhaps comfortable, as i trundle towards my 64th year of walking on the planet trying each day to avoid the dark monsters whom reach out with a wide smiles grasping towards one in a tu tu dress only fit for sea snails...perhaps i need a day at the beach or simply a long train ride to sit dreaming through the window on things that perhaps should have been at the bottom of a lucky bag but have some how become drenched in the falling rain slipping through the sodden paper bag to float away down the gutters of life.
Last night whilst walking home i found ten pence on the road side in my youth that would have been two shillings and thus would have bought me eight lucky bags...alas today ten pence buys one nothing which is why they drift along the road side abandoned by owners whom have no time to gather change nor can be spent  via an mobile phone app..these coins also live in post boxes mainly the ones outside sweet shops come post offices discarded by those whom don't feel the need for holes in their tight jeans....however i picked up that ten pence with a glee if only for the memories held in my hand for mere seconds of time past..when life did indeed seam to be life.
Time i think to move through the day in reality...and fingers crossed these few words post...So goeth...

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