bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 16th June2019

" Today is Trinity Sunday " once said Winston Churchill during an epic war time speech...Today is the 52nd Anniversary of the Monterey International Pop Festival it is also in England..a dad's dad's Fathers day....which means i am home alone with a few hours to roll away the stone...hum the song Jimmy Jimmy from the recent Undertones concert i attended and wonder where 63 years have rolled away too. thinking on Mott The Hoople
I Treated myself yesterday to a copy of James Holland's new book Normandy 44....and i hope my generation is the last one on these shores to be buried by books on the two great wars it's not so we should forget those brave men and women but we do seem to live and eat it still, some people blame the yes vote to crawl out of Europe on such writings, but are we not indiviuals with our own thoughts 17m people could not possibly think the same or is Orwells Animal Farm and 1984 already amongst our pillows at night. I am sure other waves brought about such a vote....
On a better note i still luv to pick up CD'S...The feel touch that wonderment sitting on the bus ride home amongst the shite discarded by those whom think mother earth is a simple trash can whom all should wallow in, the roll of empty drinks cans spinning down the bus on each bend fish and chip wrappers the tinge of vinegar hanging in the mist of air gather along the floor. And we all sit in it stare out of the window and think WTF...
Masks..the itch to let ones coat tumble to the floor on reaching home, rip off the plastic coating and insert for that orgasmic musical note which pings around the room...chinks into my sanity in bliss...the conversation with the long haired man behind the counter at the record store induced me to pick up a new Tangerine Dream CD....remastered from 1979...when i thought i was still a mere youth...On my own soft foot fall around the mass of music on offer perhaps a life time to hear each note wrapped in plastic and perhaps a thank you for the internet as CD prices have tumbled so much these past few years fill your boots is a term to think on....Del Shannon has melted a big soft spot for me for a long time Hats off to Larry curls around my mind perhaps it reminds me of the 60's childhood when we kids seemed to have so much freedom to roam the streets which seems so unbeliveable these sad days and lastly Bod Dylan and Pete Seeger double CD....certainly where have all the flowers gone as the English Summer has not quite woken up...Time i think to work my way towards the kitchen cook and spin some music open some bubbles and and peace to all whom pass this way, So Goeth.....

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