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Friday 19th July 2019.

I would like to think last night 50 years ago the BBC the programme Top Of The Pops...played the song in the year 2525 by Zager And Evans...50 years ago since Monday past..a space rocket has been heading for the moon in a few hours time it will be the 50 years ago since man landed on the moon.
All this week nothing but the year 1969.has been floating inside my head trying mostly to think what pop songs were in the charts during that week....and where i was and what i felt all those years ago i can recall songs from 1969 but sadly not the day month etc...and had to resort to various pages on the big wide web...to at least give me a clue.
In 1969...i was a mere 13 years old and had been sent to a small all boys  boarding school on the south coast of England at the age of 13..it was bed at 7.30..lights out at 8.00pm..Therefore during that timeTop of The Pops was on at 7.30pm...and thus not for us juniors....the female form was that far away and out of touch they may as well been on the very space ship which was in the night sky during that time. There were of coarse nightly talks between our selves sometimes they lingered over what girls looked like. Some of us sneaked in tiny wireless's and tried to hide them under our pillows if caught they were removed until the term time finished. The outside world to us back then was on another planet..
Strangely the Headmaster 50 years ago tomorrow gathered us all into the school canteen and we sat and watched the BBC coverage of the moon landing i had thought back then it was the actual time but i suspect it was recorded highlights...however that day time has always been with me for those few hours all that hope for the world was on those few foot prints on the moon....it was going to be like a new dawn for man kind....tonight as i road home on the bus sat through all the shite on the floor,watched the empty cans roll across the floor, heard every conversation a mobile phone could perform quite why people wish us to know every breath they take is quite beyond me perhaps its old age or perhaps i am simply a loner at times...however as sit here now its as if the moon landing is a figment of my imagination. No one this week whom i have talked to or passed has said wow..50 years ago this was it...Normal services will soon start if anyone has missed me thank you.. to all whom pass this way love and peace...x...So Goeth.


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Jul. 22nd, 2019 01:37 am (UTC)
Let's go to the moon together.
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