bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 11th August 2019.

Another rainy week passes through this tiny blot on the land scape..if i never had webbed feet before than i have them now. Its been a week of highs and lows bubbles have burst across my mind as well as falling out of a wine least i have had not had to water my plant pots dotted around the garden and i have managed one night simply sitting there watching the grass grow, to that old poem.. who's opening line " What is life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare.. " whom i thought was written by the poet John Clare, however not so..which thankfully did not stop me from buying a copy of selected poems and prose of John Clare from a charity shop for the sum of £1.49....the first inside page has inscribed...
Peter Feb 90....does this mean Peter has passed away, or is now tired of reading prose, or it does not quite fit the newly decorated front room of his dwelling, then again does not know someone has slipped this book into charity..for good measure, so the curtains match the colour on the walls...and he really does not know it is missing at all. Such words written on old books always makes me ponder about whom, for a good few days about whom they really are and why such a book has slipped from their fingers..i could not possibly let any off mine do such a trick and i do hope when i have reached my last nine yards my collectin is not riding in some dustbin truck to oblivion.
I had to cross town early dawn Thursday before work .on thrice the public bus a text the night before with a demand from him...can you make short notice with a hidden demand make it...the slut inside made sure i fed him his delights, this did not stop the age old question why did the three fates make me wear pink panties... Whilst i passed hordes of people popping into pie shops on a mission to work, taking free newspapers from old cocks standing on street corners, thankfully oblivious to myself, life is as they say. Love and Peace to all whom pass this way and have a good week ahead....Especially if your in the pet mode, i shall raise a glass of Australian bubbles to you all..So Goeth...

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