bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 17th August 2019.

It...a word that my mother once said i should never use in English working class i presume now i am well past the it stage of youth with time over the years to think why some words my parents said never leave my mind they seem to pop into my head at amazing times.
It seems to be a week of big anniversary' in 1969..Woodstock..was waking up, i would have been on school holidays and probably did not even know it was happening..there would be no wireless turned on in the house and the T.V. would not be turned on until late evening it was still a time when the T.V. was a novelty which sat in the corner with a jar of flowers on top perhaps. Family life was that good i cannot recall much of what was going on as i have said i think i am not even sure which house i was living in during that summer wishful thinking now would had have me keeping a diary. A strong ask at the age of 13...a time when spiffy was happening in my underpants and pulling on female clothes was not the order of the day it was simply summer and Woodstock was a word spoken on the evening news in the same tone as man walking on the moon.
It has also been a week where i have wallowed in nostalgia wondering why i took particular forks in Robert Frosts wood and not fumbled in others first. It does not help when i take Fernando Pessoa's book " The Book OF Disquiet " as my bible on life, and perhaps would be good if i entered once more the modern world of dog eat dog and the last tango of boris and donald however weekend first...Love and Peace to all whom pass this way have a good weekend
So Goeth...x

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