bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 22nd August 2019.

Oh so you have made it then i thought you were going to scribble here three time s a week....i look more closely to this big wide blank white screen and whisper Sod Off with a smile, time once more has not been again on my side the hours have simply been cast away in the millions of rain drops dripping through my wrinkled stockings farting as big as pink elephants hanging from the street lights as i get the last bus home from riding in my tiny red van through the summer holiday chaos known as summer holiday road works...aarrhh i say Bollocks with a capital B. to the local council planning team whom should have the sweeping brush inserted in dark places just so they know people work during ice cream holidays.
Apart form that i am in good condition, one cannot always let the rain pour through the mind sometimes to trip the light fantastic is power to the people which means time to pull on my wrinkled stockings push the boat out to work think i'll sod the raincoat today why not perhaps i might think i am in sunny Perth ha...So Goeth....
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