bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2019.

This day last year i scribbled these few words..." Bank Holiday crap weather-a mist dismal day enough to think W.T.F. in Manchester. "..Today has been toatal contrast take your t-shirt off show your nipples bang up the temps to 80.F Sunshine wall to wall...they will tell you the hottest bank holiday on record, however i am to old now to believe anything that pours from a front page national names mentioned.
This weekend has been Manchester Pride...however Saturday Nottingham was were i found myself,probably the best Thai eating house i have sat behind a table at...Sometimes you have to simply do...that old magic roundabout of give and take which does not have a stack of eggs in one basket...simply floats around the soul in a latex school bag and pink panties, i did manage to fondle in a charity shop for some thing red,pink in line with Pride... i bought the book Austerity Britain 1945-51, which had a red cover, and just clouts  how bad the working class were treated from the snippits i have read....
Sunday England escaped the grasp of Australia in the Third test of this years series for the ashes...shall i puff out my chest and whisper yippie, but still take my hat off for the Aussie Bubbles i was quaffing as i watched the of the English batsmen had red hair.
Sunday was shopping day, a store in Cheshire had  happy Manchester Pride were giving small glasses of champagne i was driving enough said, they also wracked up a TV...which showed pictures from the past stonewall and other rallies..i could feel myself welling up just stood there...watching these images pass me by...i recalled my old headmaster at boarding school asking me if i wanted to see a doctor....i bought a red fem vest... a tiny tribute for pride...
' Half past eight don't be late we have a date....Collette "...sometimes i wish i was something like Billy Fury...rather than a old transvestite in wrinkled stockings lol....however such is life in the slow lane the cover of this record had a red sleave...
love and peace to all whom pass this way have a good week ahead...So Goeth...x

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