bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 28th August 2019.

Manchester..56 years ago today...Perhaps only two television channels could be viewed,not everyone owned a Television i suspect the great unwashed mostly rented those small sets which sat in the corner of the best room no larger than a gold fish bowl always had a small decorated cloth on top sometimes a jar of flowers perhaps others had a clock. There was only the BBC as far as the wireless was concerned such services as the Home services the light programme there was no pop music of any kind. I wonder what day of the week it was, and would it have rained.
Depending on the time of day would anyone have heard it, indeed would, did, the BBC even broadcast it and if so how many stood stared sat pondered on what they heard peering at the wireless or watching the flickering black and white pictures. Or was life hectic back then as it is today where time is a bunch of frogs climbing a chocolate tree melting in summer sunshine. I would have been 7 years old as i sit here i cannot recall where in England i was living, it would have been school holidays so no teachers would have told us anything, it was still the age of children should be seen and not heard so drummed into me that i have never forgotten such words.
I wonder if today anyone has thought about the opening line or was there a few words mentioned in the daily newspapers, and indeed what were his very thoughts as he gazed over the crowd was he proud, frightened, or so full of hope,at the thought of a new beginning and if there is such a place as heaven and he is sitting on the right hand of God today what must he think on his first line...all those 56 years ago he stares across the world.

'' Even though we face the difficulties,of today and tomorrow,i still have a dream. "

Love and Peace to goeth.x

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