bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 31st May 2007.

Today is the last day of May,all the jumbled hours have not lived up to the doom mongers, who have ate up so much media time,i thought i was sat in the middle of a cabbage field,looking for a gap in the horizon in which i could see away out,so i could reach up and climb away from the slip stream of such a big holy cow that the media has become,just for once spread my mind wings drift away to a place where freedom of thought still billows in the sky.
If i continue to dwell on this subject i feel that my kite flying days are withering on the line holding the fresh air just beyond my lips.I need to kiss freedom where i can stray from the leash of what i should and should not be doing....
I spent a few minutes watching the drivel on the early evening news last night another City has accepted the's.They interviewed a couple of members of the public in bright sunshine their words were cardboard cut outs,might as well have been bubbles out of the Dandy and Beano.OH..!! yes lets have more,in fact lets have them in the public toilets so God almighty can watch us fill ourselves full of farting rhubarb whilst we chalk on the wall mine is bigger than yours so not forget to stick the tongue out..gosh where are we going,our poor children what becomes of them will they become nursery rhymes.." he marched them up the hill and he marched them down again.." will they be turned into human lemmings..God has not only left Africa..but has now drifted away in his high plains drifter mode from sunny Salford...
I do try to not let such, wrath up what hair i have left..but i know myself to well after all these years the bed bugs bite hard and it takes much not to flick into the why us,and what the fuck can they do this to us...what clothes are our politicians wearing the invisible clothes of the king....gosh i remember that song was it Danny Kay..always on each weekend with ED..Stewpot in children's choice..i used to snuggle up with my tiny red wireless bought from Hong Kong by my Gran...waiting each week to hear my name read out how i laugh now..but gosh then hiding amongst the wall paper when the demons wrecked havoc each night alligators slept under my bed i might as well have danced with the devil..perhaps i did.

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