bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 19th September 2019.

It is just past the famous blue raincoat hour,once more i have risen from the pit of dreams where Goblins in pink laced hob nailed boots balloon about inside my head free of charge...i am not sure if i love their visits or dread them now and then they let me delve into a last samurai dream but alas mostly my old friend King Canute still sits on the shoreline trying to turn the tide mumbling those famous words...Fuck Off...When the last English person leaves these shores turns out the light looks back and gives a heavy sigh perhaps those will be the last words uttered. For the past three days i have been living in the cellar trying to declutter all those things piled down amongst the spiders cobwebs always left with the thought at that moment they leave my hands i will sort them out soon. I have found a bikini tucked into a Jack Wills box within a bag within a bigger bag hanging from the ceiling it does not fit, not that i walk around in a bikini..perhaps though across San Fran's Golden Gate Bridge if i had the body to suit now there is a dare not to spend to much thought on.
A far better find was 32 bottles of white wine hidden away in a crate a real happy factor towards the end of the day it felt like winning the lottery.
                                         Today i shall not dress to smash and grab down in the cellar a rest day do my nails etc i believe the sun is coming out to play today across the Manchester Basin and a blessing of what no rain...!!! by God Sir is that possible...So Goeth.

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