bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 9th October 2019.

Saccharine Turtles, Curly leaf wood nymphs and troglodytes dressed in pink kimono's are passing me by, heading south to warmer climates as Autumn sweeps away any whisper of Summer holding any ground past the sell by date, around this Manchester Basin....i have to  watch out for the forlorn hope regiment in case i am recruited into the melancholy maddness company...where gloom and glomp hide amongst the wrinkled stockings whispering strange incantations.
So far with the promise of a new day and someone close whom carries the word hope across their soul i should make it through the dark nights where wee beasties snip and snap at ones heels and the word snow eats into the ears...another aid is always music in the past few days i picked up the cheap edition of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Abby Road..which made up for the fact i did not win one penny on the whopper big euro lotto draw....of millions i do not want to think about...i knew this morning i didn't win when seeing the results on the front page of a British Daily Newspaper lying in the trolly of an old crone queueing up to pay for her smalls " Brit wins record euro " or some such headline in big bold letters....quite why it smacked me in the face i don't really know usually i just sigh and think what the fuck, good luck to the winner and amble on with life with that hope of next time the euro climbs to such busted bra heights it just might be my ticket. I think i will in future put the pennies in a jar and i might just arrive in San Fran when i retire from the blue uniform..or perhaps some silk stockings. For i do not want ever again to trudge with such gut thoughts again i would rather abstain and hum to the tune of Octopus's Garden.

Mean while i shall leave some hope from 1969....perhaps it might spread into this mad world for it sure needs a touch of 1969.... So goeth...

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