bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 22nd October 2019.

For the past two weeks i perhaps feel as if i have been sat under ther table at the Mad Hatters tea party, watching every crumb fall to the ground then picking it up rolling in my fingers before flicking it anon onwards into the mad world we now seem to live in daily, there seems to be nary a day passes when some youth is not stabbed in the street or a politican spitting feathers over Brexit in this green and pleasent land, sometimes i might simply giggle sat under this table whilst plucking at the table cloth..perhaps a sigh as i miss to grasp a touch at Alice's dress as she runs around the table causing amok to those whom the feast is for...perhaps to a tear adding to the constant rain falling in the name of Autumn.
                                               Thankfully i am on leave from my tiny red van next week, time i think to shed off the cold blanket of thoughts, Autumn always brings as i add each layer of clothing as this season snorts at such summer lovers people as i....So Goeth...

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