bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 29th October 2019.

It is almost dawn, as always on an Autumn day in October the clocks turn back one hour the second world war is once more shook off and opened as the daylight saving helps the farmers bring in their we were told all those years ago as small school boys today it simply means falling from the pit of dreams in darkness and falling back in them in darkness perhaps we just may have a breath of sunshine through the day.
Before the advent of the modern world as we now know it, when one used to sneak chocolate biscuits into bed over the weekend read Enid Blyton Famous Five Books before they became famous for badly written English or racist which i am not sure i can remember, and turn on the wireless to Ed Stewpots Junior choice, where such singers as Burl Ives...used to sing about old ladies swallowing birds and the bee's...There was never a weekend during the 1960's when Three Wheels On MY Wagon...was never played....this morning somehow the tune entered my head old school boy thoughts played games surrounding those innocent days as i pulled on my busted bra thought on the day ahead and the Goon show of British Politics lampooning into will we ever leave Europe and have a general election soon, very soon,or neither.
Strange to, i am sure the lead singer of Three Wheels On My Wagon went on to sing Eve of Destruction. Is my mind too switched on or am i simply dreaming daft thoughts on this early morning rise.
However time to make hay on the day plant a few spring bulbs in the garden and a trip into the city of Manchester is in order for a two day birthday celebration for someone close, day one a sneak into a picture house thinking it's one of those biff and bash films Black And Blue...or perhaps the other way around, i do recall seeing the advert on the side of a public bus some weeks ago...
So Goeth...Luv and Peace to all whom pass this way.x

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