bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 17th November 2019.

A week has passed since i have sat before this machine and scribbled, so busy has been my tiny red van and i, as the days begin to draw into the Christmas festive season which at times does not seemed to have vanished off the supermarket shelves since last new year...
A romp around the streets of Manchester in the now traditional sense of pouring rain,for each footstep taken these days in old age means i cannot quite remember an Autumn so rain drenched for many a year they just seemed so glued together these days the word season means nothing those school boy days in the class room being taught words for the months have vanished what ever happened to flaming June, April showers, and where is old Jack Frost these days of riotus rain drops i whisper to myself.
Yesterday afternoon i took a small celebration in having walked amongst this  planet of crusty cobwebs for 64 this week, catching the down town bus for a stroll amongst the famous Manchester rain pausing first at Manchester Uni in the students union bar picking up a couple of tickets for two tribute bands...Sex Pistols whom i have seen before and they are good almost being back in those crazy angry days...and the Doors which even just the name makes me wonder...I'm a buggar for free mags  strewn around was the mag...Crack a music mag mainly independant bands...what really toasted my soul as i sat watching the pouring rain cross the most frightening catholic church across the road a place that must have put the fear of God into all those cotton mills girls back in the dark days even before they walked inside the building..where quite the word love is hidden amongst the stark forlorn stone work gives no sense to the building at all.
The main lead of the Mag...was the fact that another decade of this centuary is drawing to a close i was quite shocked as i watched the rain pour down the coffee house windows thinking jesus where have the years vanished too...I leave you with their opening words.

" To be honest, i'm not sure that nostalgia is the right word for the feeling that arises from looking back at the decade just gone. A prismatic, janus-faced decade where antipathy dissolved into righteous political consciousness, but where nuance became as outmoded as the CD drive. The 2010's brought us reckonings and distractions, huge steps forward and equal and opposing backlashes blacklivesmatter and notallmen, vaporwave and Spotifycore. We try to make sense of the last ten years in our end of the decade special. We must be crazy. "

Louise Brailey, Editor.

Well myself and my tiny red van am at least not the only crazy souls on the planet...and thus i dare myself to add just a touch of me a bit of vanity taken amongst the streets of the Manchester Basin to mark my 64th year...So Goeth love and peace to all whom pass this way...


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