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Thursday 12th December 2019. is here have the working class sifted through their cornflakes pulled on their hob nailed boots cloth caps and mufflers, are they about to step out once more into the pouring rain, are they going to vote as their forefathers for the Labour party..can they remember some of the words of a Bevin speech as they walk to the local
Polling stations dotted around the utopia's of the urban red bricked heartlands, in church halls, schools, mobile cabins plonked on the side streets for the day...." Tories lower than vermin..." echoed way back in 1946....still so relevant today...did not the Tories vote enmass against the setting up of the NHS....Or does the past remain in the history books simply gathering dust in old closed down libraries where mice and ants cavort in the setting sun.
For the last fourteen days my tiny red van in the new dawn has carried the postal vote to various town halls ready for todays counting 12,000 to the small tourist town of Buxton sat in the outskirts of the Manchester Basin alone, so the caretaker of the town hall told me. At this moment in time i should be sat in my tiny red van hurtling towards Buxton this morning for the last time through the criss cross of rush hour traffic, sheep in the fields with green eyes and spiders giggling in the sleeping roadside trees...instead i am to crash through early evening rush hour traffic tonight from Manchester mail reach Maccelsfield town hall if only with one postal vote.. by 9pm.. last general election i made it by 15 minutes, tonight for whom the bells toll will tell and if it was only one vote would it be tory or labour and would that one vote put Boris in power...Only the three fates know and will B.M.'s...Eve of Destruction slip on to my i-pod...along those country lanes and will i sing out loud thankful no one can hear this old voice and fingers crossed that in the morning i will wake up to some wonderful news.And the new decade in 19 days time will start with a soft warm Summer Breeze....which i am sure was a song from the 60/70's.
Pictured My tiny red van at the back steps of Buxton Town Hall before dawn..a quaint town set in the Pennie hills should you be passing through the North of England close by anytime well worth a visit in the summer months...
The weekend, is close so to all whom pass this way enjoy and always love and peace to Goeth..x

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