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Wednesday 1st January 2020.

The year 2020...looks sounds almost fireball XL5-ish,i almost expect to see Dan Dare also released from his comic days flying his space ship around the Manchester Basin chased by traffic wardens and police helicopters. For a brief few seconds the sun has slashed across this window as i sit here with half an ear on the rubber traffic out side in the world, perhaps a small blessing for the year ahead fingers crossed.
Last night i stepped outside the box to see in the new year rather than fill the wine glass and sit and watch Jules Holland on the box in the corner, and the London fire work display at the stroke of midnight that has been the past few years for myself those days of youth of being rammed inside a Pub then looking for a taxi in a wobble state of mind at some unearthy hour have long gone, perhaps i miss those youth days when blowin bubbles almost pulled down ones zips, or perhaps being simply sat here in comfort thinking of such days paints them as rose coloured rather than in the freezing cold trying to wave a taxi down hoping enough money is in my pocket and the house keys are not lay on some pub floor...full of spilt beer and sawdust..with half a thought on next days work stuck on the forehead in the words of fuck-it.
Instead with some freinds and family i climbed out to stride up Werneth Low....which over looks the Greater Manchester Basin to watch time spray the night with a host of gone mad fireworks with no more than a couple of cans of no-sugar coco-cola as a tribute for the night...the horses we passed in the fields must have thought we had all gone mad for there was a large mass of the great unwashed singing dancing letting off fire works etc, etc, along the whole length of the low...thankfully it was a clear cold night not one drop of rain fell on us the show lasted about half an hour and being stood staring at this wonder it really pulled home just how small one is and the word insignificant dotted across my soul a word i picked out from the quite emotional for me back then the film " Fire Down Below " where in the recent genearal election the word seems quite fitting. But let me not brood about that on this first day of the year let's hope there is a bright future for all in 2020 even if Dan Dare gets a parking ticket....Love and Peace to all whom pass this way and have a good yerar ahead...So Goeth..x



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