bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 7th January 2020.

These next few weeks, i find the most depressing of the year, the time melancholy madness strikes the hardest , all the festive lights are down,the houses looks empty, the streets dark and sombre, all that good will hope for the new year already dashed in this and that dramatic event in some corner of the world. Brings the chocolate covered reality to a melt down as Christmas cards are recycled, Christmas trees are thrown out on street corners and ones decorations closed off in a cuboard for another 12 months..for some strange reason this year i felt quite sad packing away the christmas C.D.'s...this year i have to put Slades Christmas tune as my many drunken nights in my youth in pubs around the Manchester Basin...brought giggles back...Therefore the only way forward is onwards and upwards further down the last nine yards i walk on this planet....with never look back in anger and no chocolate regrets...Love and Peace to all whom pass this way...So Goeth..x

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