bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 11th January 2020.

A glass of Chenin Blanc Semillon is by my side, is the glass half full or half empty, and is it really Saturday night, are there really spiders on Mars and did we really catch on the wave from a wireless " can you hear me Major Tom "....and have i ever walked barefoot in Suffragette City...
The time is nearly half past eight in the evening in the Manchester Basin....and i think one more glass, for rebel of the few singles i bought back in those years of singles that did not cost the price of Major Toms Taxi to space and always reminds me of the humble word transvestite....tonight i am not melancholy but what ever is at the bottom of the glass tonight is me, but i thought i also bought, Jean Genie....I know i bought " Laughing Gnome " but swapped it for Jilted John...and melancholy is one of the few long words i could spell in my youth, a word i recalled from a blond curly leaf wood nymph...who sat a few desks up from me in Hyde College Of Further Education in 1972... now closed and  boarded up and i wonder now how she looks in her 60's tonight. a cover and i always wonder why it digs deep into my soul perhaps someone i once loved slipping under the leaf mould back in those heady days of the 1970's...when long blond hair and eyes of blue ran down railway tracks amongst the old cotton mills gathering dust and old ghosts baked in mufflers and clogs. Rebel Rebel...did i really know back when i had hair down my back rebel rebel hot tramp i love you so....hey babe lets stay out tonight rebel rebel you've torn your dress...So Goeth...Love and Peace to all whom pass thsi way...x

David Bowie passed away 10th January 2016. Bless Him...

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