bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 19th January 2020.

Thankfully last night,..youth pulled me up, " were going " right i said," get dressed don't forget to clean your teeth " Ok...Have you the car keys and don't forget your muffler it's cold, yes i replied...And so to town { local nick name for Manchester } we went..object the pictures, film 1917 better on the big screen so i have been told...and so it was.....
I have to admit i was not sure about the film would i find my grandad,would i see him go over the top didn't matter that he went over in 1916...just the thought of it, would i end up with a bucket full of tears would the emotional fill me with a balloon full of thoughts that would last for days months, about my grandad someone whom came back from the great war and never talked about many others it was not uncommon in those days...
I didn't cry... nor well up with family emotion i thought i saw my grandad in one of the young under age soldiers sat on tail of a truck i simply smiled and thought's you...two things shocked me the word, Fuck...i could not get my head around that generation speaking such a word...and the other well i shall rest on it until the film gathers dust and this country is out of europe, i think it's the best way. I am glad youth made me get my act together on Saturday night and go, the big screen was simply fabulous and it was nice to see the film packed and a good smattering of youth which i hope they did not see it as simply a film, for a war that touched every family in the land and even today should not be forgotten yes i know it was not the war to end all wars perhaps Trump should watch it and think...So Goeth..

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