bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 26th January 2020.

I still have to think when, writing the year 2020 that split second of gosh, wow, before reason slips quietly into gear and January cranks towards it's last few days before being condemed to the dust cavens of history for another year.
I wonder if this will persist through the year i had thought the year 2020 would carry a Fabulous flag, just for me the year sounds so magical in the sense of all those Sci-Fic comics read in youth, the Dan Dares and such words as Thunderbird one, Fireball XL5 with the bonus of summers being summers....Sadly at the moment the year has not reached half up the F of Fabulous.
This morning rain dribbles down the window which is typical January Manchester weather not the best day to celebrate Chinese new year i had meant to pick up some fortune cookies to go with my cooking tonight alas i have been asked by family to make China town out of bounds that many scare stories about the new breed of Chinese flu, float around the media it feels death lies in wait on every street corner if one becomes caught up in the super hype all coming from bat soup and snakes and other strange foods the chinese eat....camels, donkeys, perhaps, animal names i cannot quite spell have been seen in print by various daly papers makes this year of the rat opening days quite sad.
On a more lifting upnote if i discard the large number years, as today 50 years ago golly, golly, gosh i was a mere 14 years old the album " Bridge over Troubled Waters '  was released in England, for during the summer of 1970 in the school common room down in Sopley Hampshire a senior boy had bought the album, and an invite to listen the whole album was such a wow for me it changed my life and will always be gratefull for that warm summer day in Hampshire especially the track " The Boxer " which seems quite apt for those days of wondering about sexuality was i this or that or maybe and where i was heading into during that year of the brave new exciting times ahead for technology, but one could only whisper sexuality to ones self or find it in small print written on the size of chewing gum wrappers.
So Goeth love and peace to all whom pass this way as the last week of January stares bleakly at us all...for those in the middle of a bleak mid winter thoughts.x

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