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Friday 14th February 2020.

The first Valentines Day of the decade has been a muchness of a fart in bucket and gosh really how big...!!..The daily headlines covered yet again prime minister Boris with the big whip trying to take over the Treasury, has he been reading to many Dandy and Beano comic's or been sat at Trumps breakfast table which must far worse than the mad hatters tea party...Super Markets are awash with flowers wrapped in red and a host of chocolate boxes and cardboard worded cards some large enough to climb on a camels back...if i was a real women i don't quite think so, but i might just smile giggle and ask for a glass of wine if i had received a giant pink dick balloon on a length of string they were quite the rage, when i picked up the post from a toy shop..the lady owner said they had sold out, with a giggle and if one left she might have took it home for her man..i did not ask whom sent thus cocks to whom just smiled and laughed, as i made my way to pick up other more mundane post along the afternoon...The evening bus ride home that old school boy feeling of sitting on the back seat was slightly sad, as the back seat was awash with spilt banana milk shake and sweet wrappers sometimes you have to ask about life and for a small moment i thought i am glad i have reached this age as thought of riding such buses for the next X amount of years did not quite add up to Valentines Day...However love and peace to all whom pass this way have a good weekend...So Goeth...



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