bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 27th February 2020.

Shrove Tuesday evening was what i would call Asian pancakes with a topping of ripe Mango's Banana, with a spoon or two of ice cream...i cannot recall home made pancakes for many a year, conversation around the table fled around the giving up of meat for lent, i closed my ears to this thinking forty days and nights for something that might not have happened at all, whilst trying to recall if ever Ash Wednesday was taught at school and what it actually meaned, i have admit to staring out of the class room window during religious education wondering when i could play football again...and did i have six pence in my pocket for some sweets, after school, at that bolshie age not giving quite a toss, about world affairs on the six o clock news or the past if it was not knights fighting the hundred years war or Captain Pugwash swash buckling away across the one hour daily of childrens TV us young selfs had during the 1960's.... was quite the norm for my young self.
If i had to give something up i thought then perhaps not reading the antic's of Trump and Boris... buying no newspapers or magazines or buying any chocolate chip short breads which i have eaten far to much could be possible with an added touch of not falling to deep into melancholy madness during this bleak winter in the Manchester Basin in which this year crept into the corners of my mind far to easily staying far to long....Love and Peace to all whom pass this way and have a good weekend where ever you are...So Goeth..x

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