bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 29th February 2020.

And so it's leap year..thankfully the extra day is a Saturday and Yippie i am not about to board the local bus for work instead it's one of those runaround days in the falling rain. As for England depending which media you swamp your eyes across at this hour of 7am...either we are carrying on as normal or a giant panda panic is on for the China Flu..
professional football players on mega money can no longer shake hands nor put their hands into their pockets to finger their pennies for running around a football pitch for 90 minutes a week...they say people are panic buying soaps and stuff yesterday in a supermarket as i walked around no one was wearing masks or cramming their baskets with washing foams the usual crisps cans of beer and perhaps some meat were the order of the day...they do say large gatherings may be cancelled in due coarse..big bad Boris has not said a word or done a song and dance until then perhaps i shall simply cruise in some sort of fashion get into the mind set when the country was at war with the IRA....don't be fingering litter bins and and always carry a hankerchief...there was a generation where mothers would not let you out of the house without  a hankerchief and woe betide you if it was covered in school ink i might sound a tiny bit flipant but perhaps the joy of not working today has put me in this mood, so i shall finish with the words of Lord Byron..." Adversity is the first path to trust. " So Goeth...x

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