bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 10th March 2020.

The child naively believes that everything should be fair, yet its eyes only ever see chocolate crumbs on the kitchen table in the childs eagerness to sweep them into its mouth to taste that bite of chocolate zest and think wow, the child is oblivious to the shadow taking the chocolate cake out from the kitchen. The world is full of kitchen snipers, they will always be with us and will always win away the cake....whatever the small child thinks fair is, kitchen snipers will make sure tis only the chocolate crumbs that guide the child its thoughts on the word fair. Not until the child leaves the kitchen, steps into the wide world and then it is already to late the kitchen snipers have cast a shadow over the childs life leaving only  the taste of those few crumbs of chocolate and no more.
                                                             This past week was International Womens Day rallies were held in varoius European Cities to express some joy for some advancement towards a real slice of the chocolate cake kitchen snipers hide away...In an Asian City a rally by women was attacked by muslimists not quite ready to give up more than the crumbs on the table. In Great Britain British Airways have e-mailed all staff asking them to take unpaid leave because of the effect of Chinese Flu is having on flights around the world..are the CEO'S now not from my generation have the days of Woodstock, Isle of White Pop Festival, flower power love peace vanished as topping to the chocolate cake, how much profit have the workers  provided over the good years...or am i the child with eyes on the chocolate crumbs and the word fair tucked into my pocket.
Big Bad Boris has utterd words about the poor souls rampaging super markets for toilet roll,flour and pasta....if you have a sniffle please take the week off was another quip this of his this week...Ryan Air would not forgive a small group of boy scouts for not travelling to Italy and thus lost £600.00, the words went like so you don't want to fly with us well tough...arrh i thought snipers in the kitchen...On  a lighter note a lad i worked with asked his mother was she panic buying and hoarding...of which the reply came Marks and Spencers shoppers don't panic...There is a whisper Vera Lynn might be punched out to tour the country singing old classics of we'll meet again and such like, will we see the ladies land army and the home guard called up....For myself i am simply playing my old I-Pod and trawling through the Magic Bus for i am sure there might be one or two chocolate crumbs on the dash board as Cream sing Sunshine of your Love now followed by Barry McGuire singing Eve Of quaint.
Love and Peace to all whom pass this way take care out there and watch out for the kitchen snippers...So Goeth..x

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