bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 15th March 2020.

I just need to spend a day naked in bed with someone watching movies and eating fatty foods and having sex 2,3, or 19 times. Perhaps 50 years ago during the 1970's i might well have done this..These opening words are not my own however i came across them this morning on Tumbla which indeed made me smile and giggle. In reality one does not need to see on the Net endless pictures of shops almost ransacked of this and that for one can pull on a coat and go stand and stare at empty shelves thinking how embarrassing to be British, as a fellow shopper said yesterday, we were only glad beer and wine was not being shoved in large quantities in to trollies.
As for work Postmen, where one has a parcel for a house the instruction is to knock on the door put the parcel on the floor and stand six feet back until the door is opened or not, thankfully i no longer deliver door to door, my tiny red van only empties post boxes and pick ups from post offices and companies how we will go on the mind boggles i just hope my busted bra and panties protect me lol, i shall simply continue to play my i-pod along my journey which is still locked into the flower power era and may be the song Eve of Destruction will simply make me sing along and smile. Banter has been rife amongst my fellow workers and simply one has to be mad to work for the post office which has been a trueism for many a decade.
As this flu and its effects has taken most of the head lines on any media front, the small boy watching the chocolate crumbs on the table now with half an eye on kitchen the shadows of whom are slipping gently away without notice one being Sir Robert Devereux....whom worked on pushing up the pension retirement age of 65 up to 66 and beyond due to the fact we are all living longer for all workers in Great Britain..has quietly slipped away into retirement at the age of 61 with a pension pot of 1.8 million pounds comprising of £245,000 lump some and 80,000 a year pension for his work on screwing the working classes, sadly the biggest loss in all this mess are women of whom some have lost up to 45,000 pounds over the years. which is perhaps why today i will not be staying in bed watching movies and having endless sex, but i might just go and sit with the small boy and have a few crumbs of chocolate and simply sigh and " Move on Up " i think Curtis Mayfield sang such a ditty during the 70's. As one should never let such people grind you down.

To all whom pass this way, take extra care through these troubles have a good week ahead love and peace..So Goeth..xx

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