bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 27th March 2020.

 A rare sight from the top of Werneth Low...looking over the Manchester Basin where more than half a million people live work and perform strange acts in the night, i often wonder just how many transvestites actually guide their daily lives within this view, it is a vanity thought of mine a simple game i play each time i come up here just to stand and stare to just simply think just how small and insignificant one really is. It's kinda good for the soul.

The view i find can take away the days worries they simply shread away blown by the stiff breeze across the moor top, the setting sun has been a rare treat for three days almost horizon to horizon sunshine not quite T-Shirt weather but good enough for a stroll in these trying times when ones freedom the right to roam has been taken away by Big Bad Boris all in a good cause in trying to keep people alive....Passing through the pickled streets of Greater Manchester...has felt as if driving through one of the western film lots expecting sage brush to coming rolling down the road, to catch sight of a John Wayne character climbing off his horse and drinking milk...seeing all the Pubs closed has not been a shock, for so many have been fully closed for a good few years, one or two more added dressed in forlorn garb covered with fly posters has been weary to the eye but not an oh my God....wonder...what has been a shock and has turned my head is McDonalds all wrapped up with shutters even the drive throughs are indeed fully closed.
                  Manchester Airport now down to one terminal and so few planes you can count them on one hand in a day...Thankfully Panic buying has stopped only because the 6 feet rule between each shopper and only so many shoppers in and out controlled by burly men and women counting out the pace between each shopper waiting to step inside...someone in heaven must have pity on us, for no rain for three days, now can i imagine queueing in the pouring rain..for possibly an hour in the big supermarkets no not quite, God help us when the rain returns...But that is another day indeed...

 This is i, me,myself, in front of Hyde Cenotaph where 710 first world war soldiers from the town are remembered lets hope the people of Hyde do not have to build another one of these least we forget the year 2020 in the name of flu...i did have thoughts that the year 2020..was going to be like 1970 maybe the fem inside of me had just one to many a dream for the year ahead....

I took this piccy a few weeks ago to post in happy times for a freind in OZ...i think this is the right time i am sure it will make him smile plus in memory of my Aunt whom i loved to bits lived in OZ.....Time i think now to hit the pillow....

As always to all,whom pass this way Love and Peace take extra care of yourself during these trying times.
So Goeth..xx

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