bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 4th April 2020.

Time tells me the ticking clock has just passed eight is the twelth day of lock down of this flu epidemic aparently it is not nice to call it anything other than C-19 so i have been instructed....which i quite understand because times have sadly changed and not for the good over such instances since Spanish Flu during 1918/19...For there have been reports of personal attacks on the streets of this country if your looks are anything towards Chinese.
There have been reports of being spat at and beatings and attacks on personal stuff like car windows caved in. Which saddens me adding another brick in the wall that this land is no longer my England of my childhood or perhaps i was brought up in a sheltered house hold where politics and any faith was never talked about at the dinner table and i have a rose tinted view on my country after all it was the hippy era.
The roads out side this rooms window are a hush...Manchester Airport is almost abandoned..Big Bad Boris has told us to forget Easter if you have not bought a Easter Egg then a bit of a chocolate lover i have wondered about all those Easter Eggs silent in closed down department stores sitting there waiting for tiny mouths to gobble at them there will be no mad dash to Blackpool by the sea no fish and chips or those cheeky hats " Kiss me quick " with in large letters blazed across the top... or sticks of rock in the shape of cocks and tits oh so out of the national parks, it does not matter if the weather improves stay safe is the big message. A lady has been taken to court and fined £660.00 for being at a railway station in Newcastle and refusing to answer ploice questions and how why indeed she was stood there. How strange they can keeps the courts open..i am sure a good bollocking would have been just as good..just makes me think those that rule us are only interested in Money.
And just to refresh my mind of goodness of the past and in the future a quick picture..of hope...As always love and peace to all whom pass this way as always take care..xx

 OH yes if you have never been to Barcelona and get chance to visit then go..

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