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Tuesday 7th April 2020.

England, this country i have lived in for more years than i want to think about tonight...is on lock down, today is the 15th day...i only know this because i have ticked off each day on the small diary i have by this very machine if not for this old fashioned paper diary it would be very easy to be lost on days hours minutes the only thing i would know is day turns into night...i have not watched humble televison for any great length since 1989...and i am certainly not a 24 hour news person, i think at my age, i have come to think on the news as a load of bollocks and is simply there to keep my class behind the garden gate and simply wash ones money down the tax toilet, with a beaming smile and the touch of a forelock, by any govt swiming around the corner, perhaps i am slightly bitter but year after year of savage news and the amount of protest marches i have marched with, over such things as the NHS have marked my card... When one watches Council spy-cars full of cameras crusing our streets to see if one is wearing a seat belt or paid ones car tax and the mountain of speed cameras on our motorways and byways has made me want to spell Fuck a different way. I suspect even now such Noddy Cars and motorway cameras will be fully switched on and woe betied you if you stray into a Bus lane for a little letter will pour through the door you have been a naughty boy please pay...sadly i have posted far to many through peoples doors over the years.
This is not to say i do not understand lock down and when the Queen of England broadcasts on the BBC...to stay in doors or stray outside with respect for all, then one has to sit and think, the English are good at queueing for i have stood in many, Easter will be both interesting, sad, in one moth ball, now it should be Easter school holidays thousands take to the air to Spain and such...Blackpool an old seaside town would be heaving this coming weekend in away nature has taunted us all with a bitter blow, as the weather forecast is supurb...rather than the wind rain snow we are used to at Easter.
Perhaps because i have had 15 days of lock down apart from a few walks into the moors surrounding the Manchester Basin the mind is playing marbles, perhaps the shouts of abuse from a passing car as to words like murderers, because of the tone of the skin of the walkers, made them think of they were Chinese, has played meat balls in my head also, therefore...I think i have promised myself that the next and further posts will be more up beat after all, is not an Elephant a miricle of life. Someone once called me an old Elephant..bless them.

Therefore to all whom have got this far, love and peace to you and take great care..so Goeth..xx



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