bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 12 April 2020.

The sun is begiining to climb out over the Manchester Basin the time almost half past eight, for twenty days this urban sprawl has been on lock down for twenty days only a bucket full of water has fallen from the skies. Today is Easter Sunday usually a mass of football skims the television, usually those that prey flock to the churches, those that like to flock to such places as Blackpool for the big rock candy mountain sorry Burl Ives, simply one of my favourite child hood records and if i was a child now Junior choice would be on the BBC...i would probably be eating easter eggs reading Enid Blyton Famous Five Books and twisting that thing that small boys have between their legs if only back then one could pull it off and slip it into a draw and simply leave it there. Would life have been more simple there on Perhaps.
Me myself today would have been trundling down the highways and byways to Harlech Beach North Wales with a food hamper and sun tan cream to dip my toes in the Irish Sea and a couple of talkitive ladies on the back seat asking are we there yet...which is why possibly i'd sing Big Rock Candy Mountain to the sea gulls above as i walked along the sandy beach. The ice cream van would be there and that would be the childhood treat before driving home to dwell withing the rubble and cobbled streets of the vast Manchester Basin with a heavy sigh and a smile for of all the places i have trawled in the world this is my full stop.Some days i would change it for anywhere others it's simply a fine place to be.
However today this morning we are on lock down and thus going nowhere is the name of the game i have not slipped into the news pit for a couple of days just to rest my head from the continious rabble words about IT...for i have been told off for calling it Chinese Flu, for the word Murderers has been shouted from passing cars should you have one whisper of looking Chinese across your body. Even the Net is full of ribauld jokes about lock down as well as the serious side offering good advice and some cheer to keep your spirtis up, as i have said indeed Vera Lynn's W'll meet again has been re-released in aid of the brave NHS...Big Bad Boris and Trump have had some right bashings in jokes and seriousness about how they have fought this IT... some of them have made me think Jesus....!!!
As i am in the kitchen today cooking Easter Sunday dinner and i suspect the wine will flow tis better to ramble here during the morning of being stone cold sober than some of the gibberish after a glass or two.
Which leaves me on this Easter Sunday love and peace to all whom pass this way and if your a Chocolate fan you can never eat to much chocolate at Easter indulge....So Goeth...xx

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