bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Bank Holiday Monday 13th April 2020.

And so night has fallen, the road out side this window is deadly quiet...only catterpillars trundle across the road in search of warmth as the coolness of the night creeps around the street lights along the road bringing Easter 2020... to a close thus passing into dusty History Books....I wonder what future historians will write about the twins of Big Bad Boris and Big Bad Donald. will school children be sitting exams on such a subject of this Easter in 20 years time, i don't think they will be asked questions on Easter Eggs in rhubarb flavour, or the fact of no great Easter Gathering gathering in front of the Pope...I think the Archbishop of Canturbury was on the small screen this morning...but i doubt if he will be mentioned either.I have come to the point where i find it hard to believe anything being broadcast across the air waves.
Today i slipped behind the wheel of four rubber tyres, dropped some beers of at a friends house whom is close to running out of those fine bubbles how strange to talk from windows.. journeying onwards, picking up some milk along the way safe distance is in most supermarkets with lines on the floor where to stand, which way round to walk....yesterday i came across a lady whom i once delivered to in the days when i was a walking postman whilst out for my walk up Werneth Low whom now works in a supermarket and how nearly in tears when she arrived home due to the abuse from customers grumpy about not being able to pick four bottles of milk when allowed only three..etc etc.... she commented on which i find always true you always recall the idiots and not the nice people you come across when working in such face to face circumstances...
Today i did not venture up the low i just had a lazy sod day around the garden and playing about on this here machine. The view from the top of the low is priceless..and i don't want to feel as if all i am going to think about when i stand and stare in the future is IT...each time i venture up there, at the moment i feel as if i know every dandelion i pass by name...back in my youth i did some courting up amongst the deep furrows and i really don't want to cloud all that past....i think the older you become the more sentimental is the time in your mind...And thus i have rammbled enough and am going to leave hopefully two pictures one of myself just a day ago for the last smile up on the Low taken outside a pub which normally this time of year would be rammed packed...and the other needs nothing to say and is for someone whom i follow on best nameless for i know they love Trump with all their i shall leave with outmost always love and peace to all whom pass this way and still take extra care..x


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