bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 19th April 2020.

I have perhaps two more sips of white Australian wine in my glass on this Sunday Eve, it sits here besides me and temps me to visit the fridge for one top up before the mighty pillow full of goblins gives my head a wrap around in the famous blue rain coat the nod to close down this here machine. I take a sip and indeed it is certainly tempting to shuffle on down to the fridge door.
I have turned on I-Tunes..." Auf Wiederseh'n sweetheart "...sung by Vera Lynn... opens up the night you can hear the troops singing in the back ground...on a sombre note i doubt very many are sat tonight with a raised glass of Australian Chardonnay in their hand...Today is the 27th day of lock down in England as i have stared out from the window of this room for moments during the day i wonder if it will ever end..Public Buses rummble pass with no more than half a dozen sat staring from windows possibly thinking WTF....
Again it has not rained perhaps only a thimble has fallen iduring these past 27 days..dare i whisper, dare i think, are we going to have a summer of 1976 the greatest summer i have lived through in the cobbled streets of the Manchester Basin where pubs ran out of beer and ice cream firms could not make enough..and if so how tragic in such curcumstances....i take the last sip as Oasis sing " Wonderwall " echoes around this room old ghosts pop out between the cracks in the gaps from posters i have posted across these walls over the years.....someone whom has visited this very room calls it the cave...and with the promise of the new day ahead i might just have a small tipple into this glass....Beg my Pardon...
And perhaps one of the greatest songs ever.." Love Will Tear Us Apart " cranks in which is i keep my I-Tunes away from my my mind fills it's self in pink panties and busted bra' this white screen whispers can you indeed write anything of sense....Perhaps not and thus i close with Edith Piaf....Non Je Ne Regrette Rien.

To whom  pass this way love and peace take extra care in these wild times..So Goeth..xx

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