bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 23rd April 2020.

Today was Saint Georges Day probably the most remarkable one i have skipped in my life so far through, usually at this time i might well be full of Chardonnay and if not on the town in a fit of party madness singing all those daft English songs, I'd be sat watching a film such as the Dambusters and pondering on my England...thinking life is.
Instead i spent the day doing a taxi run for family and spent four and a half hours passing through two supermarkets the one in one out queue was as if standing in line for a concert or good film but greatly slower. I can only think mother nature is feeling a pity for her children during these times and thus once more good weather poured over us for the day. Good enough for fine ladies to come out in soft t-shirts showing ample up top, and how heavy i sighed for not having a pair of real ones...myself, so maybe summer is on it's way and i do not want to think to long or hard had the weather had been the usual shite in April in how such queues would have managed during these times in snow and rain. Let me hope this time next year i am not writing the same words. In the meantime To all whom pass this way love and peace and take great care..So Goeth..x

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