bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 1st May 2020.

The day moves to mid evening, i am in lockdown day thirty-nine tomorrow will be day forty, will i come out from the wilderness and will people flock around me and make scrolls of religion, build giant statues in the shape of Whinne-the-Pooh...will i instuct my flock to cover their faces, wear bangles on thier toes and prey five times a day or will my bible/koran, be Enid Blytons Famous Five i drunk..!!..prey no, not a drop has passed my lips in five days, perhaps i do indeed a glass of chardonnay or two, it is simply me playing hide and seek amongst these keys after a clean shower and a scraping off the weeks growth around the cheeks with a heavy sigh of gladness from the lady within, i blame it on the fumes from the whirling paint brush and I-Pod pushing the air waves during kitchen painting duty.
Today is the first day of May..i awoke to the patter of tiny rain drops drooling across the windows thus i did not today dance naked around the May Pole nor go frolicking amongst  the bushes looking for damsels in distress though at my age i'd only be fit for platting flowers in their hair...i wonder do people still wear flowers in their hair in San Francisco.
On that note love and peace to all whom pass this way, and take extra care during these strange times..So Goeth.x 

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