bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 4th May 2020.

The month of May is for myself the start of an English Summer, it is a time to slip off winter clothing to feel the breeze brush against my face without the thought of trying to crawl all over a radiator or sit staring watching the flames of a real fire with far to much Chardonnay in a glass, in a fit of trying to warm this old body to keep the winter wolves away and to stop myself gasping when i read the gas meter knowing i have paid for some sail around the world on the QE2, if indeed the ship is still sea worthy such are the profits from private utility companies. It is a time to step in the garden blow kisses to the rampant dandelions once sworn ememies but thanks to those whom love bumble bees i have this past year or two let them grow rampant across the grass. I do like them, having fond memories as a child and adulthood they are one of the first signs of summer but in my garden tut days of old.
Today is day forty-two of this English lockdown it should have been a public bank holiday, MayDay for cobbled street and factory workers, from times gone past, how easy for the Govt of the day to think bollocks to them and shift it to this coming Friday in tribute to those that fell during the second world war seventy five years ago who's end is this Friday the day in 1945 Churchill stood on the balcony..said this is your victory...Perhaps i am not the only one whom thought they were all worth more than one day, perhaps the country should have had a full week off, to sit and ponder, to clap hands and dance down our streets to become legless on bubbles floating in the air, to sit and eat cake in warm sunshine for the workers and fallen hero's.
But we are on day forty two and so far over 9,000 people have been fined for being where they should have not quite been according to the cops and robbers....perhaps they were searching for a street car named Desire. Two ladies were picked up after travelling from Manchester to Blackpool to have a midnight BBQ..on the beach, i have to admit i did indeed smile for the poor souls especially when reported that they did not quite know the reason why they did such a thing.
And, thus as one of my old school masters used to say one should not start a sentance with the word And..perhaps he was right, bless him, however tonight the clock ticks, darkness has fallen time to pull of my wrinkled stockings and busted bra, to whisper to all whom pass this way love and peace, take extra care at this barnacled time So Goeth..xx

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