bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 6th May 2020.

A man in Colorado was cuffed and arrested for playing T-Bal in am empty park with his six year old daughter. Yesterday on the way home from down town Manchester a police officer sat in the back of his van with a telescopic camera waiting to take pictures of cars etc...travelling over 30MPH passing his this country is still on lock down, the traffic on the roads so light you could if you wished have a mobile phone in each hand and still put on lipstick with no worries, as i past him the urge to stick up to fingers was upmost...sadly i declined simply drove on past ranting to myself in that what the fuck mode deeply saddened to what this county has become even with out lockdown i would class myself as living in an open prison within the bounds of the Manchester Basin...there are even flashing notices on certain roads with short notes in the lines of..traffic is light but speeding signs have not changed..are such people really worried about us the great unwashed and beyond, or are they simply thinking of the money, millions of pounds worth of speeding, parking, tickets are handed out to us each year....
I like to think that i do come and sit awhile and perhaps scribble something light hearted something like blowing bubbles however, with all this doom and gloom pouring over the hill trying to escape such wash is almost impossible sand bags of the stuff simply sneak up yer wrinkled stockings to  play havoc with the old mind...i also think i am going to moth ball my current reading of Lucy Ellmann's Ducks Newburyport book so much gloom pouring out from the pages about modern day America with slices of Trump bulldozed amongst the pages having reached page 377 and nearly 600 more to go i think i'll find someting on the lines of pink elelphants...In the meantime love and peace to all whom pass this way take extra care..So Goeth..x

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