bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 10th May 2020.

Today is perhaps Trintiy Sunday for my good self, i survived the 75th VE Day without becoming an emotional wreck, i watched an hour and a half of televison on the BBC of which only the BBC could have possibly made such programmes and the Tories want to get rid of it...i ask myself why.. and quite why they are letting big bad Boris address the nation tonight is quite beyond me personally if i was the director of the BBC i'd tell him to fuck off...and i think i have watched my television limit now for the year an hour and a half is enough for an old sod like me, so i will not be tuning in and before i grumble on and on today during this blustery cool day think i'll simply let the breeze blow away all the spiders inside my head, besides am cooking Sunday dinner with the help of some chardonnay in the fridge of which none will go in the cooking, i might drift back and scribble some gibberish, but hey if not, to all whom pass this way love and peace and take care out amongst the madness So Goeth.

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