bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 14th june 2007.

The flags waving in my head tell me that i am moist,that ideas,moods,thoughts jumble along the conveyor belt to my eyes,quite happily, weekend is almost up against the sun rays climbing over Werneth Low.
However the guardians in the watch tower have something else to say..the pink sod off poster from the Seventies comes to mind as the conveyor belt reaches it's zenith,sun glasses have been shaded,eyelids have began to shrink behind the curtain,it has not helped as one huge cock has appeared in my this journal,it is not so much the size or thickness that intrigues me but the ability to stand ramrod stiff...aaarrrhhh the good old days,when mere thought of flesh,turned my face crimson and i quickly shaded something to cover the push in my levi jeans.Today i can hardly push and levi's have become tents on parade,or simply hidden in the wardrobe of yester year.
Simply though tomorrow is another day full of the rich tapestry kamikaze pilots searching out barnacled kimono's..perhaps i should duck...raise my melancholy madness one notch higher and march forward into the bustle of the world, still with my warped sense of humour joined at the hip with lust not found in the street lights of conformity putting my one shilling forth into the press gangs i inhabit whilst i still have the freedom to do so.

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