bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 16th May 2020.

This fading picture was taken by myself whilst staying in Santa Monica youth hostel; next year it wiil have been 30 years since i walked the walk along that beach, sat on a park bench along the beach watching skimpy clad girls rollar skate by or talking to the ice cream selling young man who had never been to New York or the shock of hearing the fresh market stall holders saying " have a nice day ", it was a time when i felt quite lost a relationship had come to an end i was not sure if i was a transvestite or not the arguement in my head had been going on for years since i bought my first panties in my teens i can still picture the disgust from the sales lady whom served me all those years ago; the Miners Strike was still vivid in the mind and i heard a line from a song on my i-pod the other day with a short line...
" Fucking Bastard Thatcher " the venom in the female singers voice made me stare out of the kitchen window, again feeling quite lost in all this lockdown do this, don't do that...syndrome. The fear of the future beating to the rhythm of Coleridges poem The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner...
As i wandered down the roads today of this Greater Manchester Basin in search of the simple things of one small carton of baking powder, the long queues made me think wow...had it not been for a special birthday this coming Monday i certainly would not have bothered trawling through a fiend of carparks to stand stare shuffle.
The above picture has been stood in the cellar for a good few years i have dusted it off wiped the worst of the stains and will once more find a good home for it i am not really sure why it even ended up there at all for it was a special place to have stayed...i am sure tucked away in some dust corner there must be some more pictures of that soul seaching tour of the globe and i have foot fallen from that year to this in a feast of lost cannons and worn out panties so perhaps i shall pick myself up tomorrow and think Bollocks and stick two fingers up at myself and soldier on in some form of spirit for i am not really sure quite why this lost feeling has fallen before me on this day of days....for at least tis but weekend and bubbles will float in the air during Sunday Dinner...
As always to all whom pass this way Love And Peace take extra care..So Goeth..x

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