bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 11th June 2020.

This evening i dragged my tired body wrapped it around my tired mind from my tiny red van sighing heavily, thought about a whispered wow on the days traffic around the Manchester basin, for it appears to be creeping daily through the letters of the word normal until it will stumble across the word manic. then Ping and the whole of Manchester will sigh in unison once more.
The only place to escape social media news blasts is if one lived on the moon i think in the 70's the Stylistics sang about building a house on the moon at that time it sounded a quite good idea, as his amazing voice filtered through the humble wireless the word hope came with every note. Today we are ploughed with a host of dour news by the second more brutal with every minute good news does not sell newspapers or packets of Cocopops...even if i try my hardest to close my eyes, wear sunglasses, think WTF.. bits seep into my mind.
The press has become tired of the flu virus IT...we are now going back in time to children snatched and never seen again lurid stories climb out on to the front page one newspaper headline today was along the lines that the child murderer crawled out from under my bed so is the confession of a female, the mind simply boggles...the old slave trade and what certain Britons did in the dim and distant past is getting a battering the one taught to us during school life which we all probably forgot as we left the classroom you either loved history or hated it.... dropping the subject as you rolled through the school years...the middle class whom are perhaps tired of being in lockdown sad that they cannot take a gap year floating around the world are ripping up old statues, spitting at policemen, spray paint anything with words of slag, slut, slave owner, over old statues in parks that only Pigeons rest and shit on, i wonder do they look at the cars they drive, the clothes, they wear the phones they put to their ears...what do they think when the amazon make 73,000 pounds every three seconds and pay their workers shit money and work in conditions, and millions of workers around the world on slave wages...didn't Hugo Boss make uniforms for the SS what about the estimated 50 Million the Russians slaughtered in Gulags and slave labour....was not Nelson Mandela a terrorist...did not Gandi hate women have they not all been forgiven has there ever been a perfect nation, a perfect human being with no dark thoughts hiding in the cuboards and  didn't Dylan write with God On Our Side.
Would it not have been better for the middle classes in Britian in tribute to the American's sad fall which started all this to have a sort of flower power summer of love, flowers in the hair, naked dancing to the beat and go around converting people to their way of thinking and taking it to parliment....what is in their minds about the British Past which they do not like and perhaps along the way they just might think of the slaves around the world today...and do something about it...
Love and Peace to all whom pass this way the weekend is almost here enjoy and take care...So Goeth..x

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