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Sunday21st June 2020.

Today is fathers day in England...i thought i would pause here for a few moments before the urge to crack open a bottle of wine draws the short straw inside my mind...and all words inside my head become curly leaf woodnymphs with the possible effect of foaming across this white screen in scattered meanings not quite a full shilling.
Perhaps this is the most forlorn fathers day since the day was created normally pubs would be heaving Mcdonalds and such places  full of prams pushchairs with fathers thinking dear God, some would perhaps brave a ride on this roundabout with tiny tots or simply for there own years of child hood...Sadly this roundabout has been closed since day one of the lockdown the only people riding the fun bus within, are spiders ants and earwigs...it seems to have stood here for more years than i can recall each time i pass this rickety thing it always made me smile in that simple things are sometimes the best and as far away from childrens mobile phones as one cat get. It stands in Merseyway Stockport An old mill town within the Manchester Basin,  when king cotton was great, that has now dribbled to an brick a bat town and best left there on this fathers day when the word Joy for a few hours humps through the day....

My tiny red van has been loading these parcels for the last few weeks each one has this sticker on with the above wording as i grind through the early evening with traffic building towards the word normal it's a blessing that someone likes us and that sort of inner peace during these strange times when peeping at the media news headlines is rammed full of sorrow and angry people....

I think it is time to pause in the day, the sun outside this window seems to be playing across this Manchester Basin to bring some joy for perhaps the hardest job in the world that of being a parent certainly in these strange times when lockdown makes the walls creak and the word No is never far away...time i think to crack open the wine bottle and spread some cheer in thoughts for my own father, grandfather, recalling the good times when i was an innocent youth wore shorts and had hair on my head and a mind that was full of football, conkers, and girls whom wore those blue surge gym knickers..So to all who can at least pull open a ring pull in the garden or where ever on this day for once the day is ours.....Time also to press play on my I-Pod..am a big fan of Ska and i leave you with a piccy of one of my favourite tracks....To all whom pass this way love and peace take care...So Goeth..X...


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Jun. 21st, 2020 09:16 pm (UTC)
Stockport is my home town. I rode that very roundabout as a child, and a few weeks before lockdown my children rode it too. Seeing it like this is heartbreaking.
Jun. 22nd, 2020 03:04 pm (UTC)
It's so sad to see something that was built to bring joy to people's faces have to be all boarded up like that, and with such simple, brown monotonic colors. Quite a contrast to what is still exposed at the top of the carousel, as if it's trying to scream "but I'll be okay again sometime soon, don't lose hope in me!"
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