bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 27th June 2020.

And so the last Saturday of June 2020...arrives pokes it head above the horizon throws a shed full of rain drops across the Manchester Basin farts in the wind and blows bubbles to the traffic and whispers how strange as traffic becomes normal, the prices at the petrol pumps begin to rise...I am  a humble Stockport County football fan the prem league is only for money, and as all football fans have their image on the game Liverpool are shite....and i am not even a proper Manc but a sort of add on, i wonder as i sit here with a glass of vintage 2011 Aussie white wine, they say one should drink white wine young but hey i have never risen to the tag normal... And just how much George Best..would have stuffed in his pocket after each match on a Saturday afternoon had he been playing today....the trouble with wine you begin to drift back to the past swatting away the bad times,bathing in those days which you think were glorious in pink porcelian Kimono's. I blame my grandfather for taking me to see Stockport County when Friday nights were Go Go County nights, when as a young lad still in short pants...taken to a night game even the roar of a 4,000 fan Division four crowd to a young lad was awesome..Little Johnny Price was indeed the swaying crowd as one stood on old railway sleepers...the floodlights looked like something out of war of the worlds....and thus life sticks,Gosh my glass is empty....therefore to all whom pass this way love and peace take care and so goeth...XX...
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