bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 17th July 2020.

" Then i saw her i'm a believer "..which simply means tis but Friday the time just past 10.00pm freshily showered washed away are the blue uniform hours of the working week the uniform lies in the cellar bucking amongst it'self twitching over the miles covered through the Manchester Basin the sights seen, the seconds past amongst the human mass where a kiss, a word, a child in pink wellies with a mum with a phone to one ear and a hand on a pram is part of the human form which puts bricks on bricks...
I have come here to sit awhile whether any of this makes sense or is a dribble in Elephant voyeurism in a gulag of troglodytes dancing in clogs to Pete Seegar singing " Banks Are made Of Marble "..Thus the weekend trolls through the hours which will not walk this planet again on such a day as July 17th 2020..I lift my cap touch my forelock to those whom own us. However i am content at this hour of the day to Bring Me My Queen sung by Abigal Washburn...most deadly is playing through the I-Tunes on this here Machine, especially playlists made through memories trawled through life in my adopted town amongst the Manchester Basin of which i hold amongst my soul a love hate relationship depending how many tin cans plastic bottles lay amongst the gutters i trawl through each day..but, am i stoned in love with you..The Stylistics..give, have, that feeling when Belle Vue Manchester was and not a giant car dark were the planners glasses in those days when hope was a giant catterpillar or perhaps dinner was a treat far to stretched...back in those days when tank tops and flares were the right of passage for young youths such as i. Should i say wish you were here, or there, in those days during the mad hatters tea party perhaps that was the time when i slipped into my first dress and thought oh dear is this really you think you can tell when Judy Collins sings with God On Our Side..perhaps a song to close this night...
To all whom pass this way love and peace take care...XX

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