bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 28th July 2020.

Tuesday in the cabbage patch of life..rain drops have fallen once more across the Manchester Basin fits and starts and maybe's...a strange day as Test cricket on the wireless the Englishness of Englishness on any normal English Summer has been played at Old Trafford a cricket ground famous for the rain stopped play even stranger as i live a few simple miles away..however today, Rain  has floated through the clouds the odd spasm of sunshine counted in minutes rather than hours brought victory over the West Indies....nice to hear ball by ball on the wireless and hightlights on the squaddle box in the corner during early evening, at least an inch of normal during this IT flu virus..a smal comfort, for i have not watched BBC news for 28 days i am not sure if i feel better for such a throw-up against mass media or simly me myself is me during this crazy summer

A touch more of the normal, the fun bus on the roudabout in Stockport has been reopened a glee for small ones always tempted to bazz a ride myself....On another note this picture below sums up Football in EnglandEspecially for football fans, will you ever see 50,000 fans singing and swaying in a crowd ever again, eating pies, pissing in corners, and all that comes with Saturday 3.00pm afternoons can i even imagine an FA Cup final with no crowd the sadness beggers in the heart and at my time of life football is only a finger nail in my soul....that is bad enough....And Lastly

I am almost sure this was painted long before the IT virus arrived i do recall passing by, with the words playing ball inside my head as i passed not knowing if it related to drugs or tattoos i just simply liked the picture bring a smile down this forlorn street my tiny red postal van had to pass. it just seemed a sort of ho-hum just last Sunday when i passed on foot camera in hand. With the house of God on the hill, and the big quiestion indeed when will it all end.

Love and Peace to all whom pass this way take care...So Goeth....X

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