bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 2nd August 2020.

This morning the first Sunday of August i took my head out from the sand bucket it has been hiding in since early July and bought a Sunday Newspaper in bold letters don't blame the Muslims for the rise in the IT-virus as Manchester falls into another lock down..the mighty Tec giants have fallen under the spot light..thankfully i don't have a fit bit and twitter is something a bird does at the bottom of the garden.Shell loose 14B...pounds arrhh thats why petrol is rising more or less each day....Audio books are on the rise which i took as the only good news and i will not even mention the football team Arsenal as my mind is locked back down in the years in my youth of Charlie George.....I don't think i shall endevour to buy another Sunday news paper until the first Sunday in August the year then the first letter of the word normal might just rise with the morning sunshine...this mornings paper has a rhythm of rhubarb in flatulence. Is there a blame lay amongst each page pointing at whom ever as to why..?? As some sunshine passes this rooms window to the world reminding me that i need to water some plants in the garden which at least brings some comfort from this mad world taking away thoughts i have read this morning. About where the blame lies from the IT-virus to the single word Trump...
Talking of madness i foot falled through the streets of Manchester during this past Friday the magic of 86F felt good and i really wanted to see the city pay it some respect spend a few shillings to help all...I had to run for some errands in China Town..also
This chapel is perhaps the only building that has not been spat, at, spray painted or sold to make way blocks of flats..sorry flats is old hat, apartments for they cost more to buy, rent, making flats tarnished with the working class. It always makes me smile as i pass especially as it is dwarfed by the multitude of high rise springing up through the years..Sitting like a thorn i do hope it survives.

This building is a few minutes walk away from the chapel i quite like it kinda grows on you each time you pass especially the wild gardens they have planted, there were once Strawberries planted and i did see on Friday Rhubarb which was doing quite well...
As for the city centre if not for people wearing masks you would have thought it a normal Friday afternoon clearly six feet was most questionable and i can understand why Manchester has been hit with a lock down again...i likened it to old fair grounds on the dodge-am, rides at places quite scary Piccidilly Gardens was madness itself....standing and watching and with a heavy sigh thinking this IT-virus will haunt us for years and i really hate to think this, the freedom of movement has gone without casting a look across the shoulder....or watching for every sniffle on the street corners

And yet there is always Hope this lies in the peak district just outside of the spar town of Buxton where on a midweek summers day you could frollick nude should the cold water not shock you into the word....Oooooooooooo. I walked here during this past week. it simply seemed so unreal so awesome...
And now my weeks leave from my blue uniform, draws to a close over all a good weeks rest and i still love the City of Manchester it somehow crawls under your skin and bites
To all whom pass this way love and peace take care...X

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