bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 16th August2020.

There are times when i wonder why; The crazy week in my blue uniform and tiny red van did not stop when i handed in my keys on Friday night with a heavy sigh and relief. Expect the unexpected they say, pick a pocket or two, dust off the crazy working weeks dust.

Blow a few Dandeloin clocks on the way to Nottingham and so i did, but that was last week in a feast of a weekend, i have simply not had the time to pause here and plop a few pictures taken last weekend, but today seems right enough to pause for thought and ask ones self indeed Why...Perhaps one should not drift back into childhood with glee to often or the crazy work dust will blow it's own kisses....
Last weekend was Wollaton Hall with that childish glee in full swing a small fair was on the grounds however the IT-Flu...was made clear to my childish mind only to stand and stare this year smile laugh with hope that the IT-Flu is somewhere in the clouds above year.
I did so want to ride this and perhaps it is some sort of twisted fate for poking out my tongue as the ride went around without me the stamping of the childish feet as the music blared the sun shone. That yesterday was a cannon ball of cloud and drat in large letters...

I did manage to arrive at the ice cream van and how strange to stand there as the crew were masked up a plastic sheet covering...with a small hole just big enough to slip out an ice cream cone such a strange summer indeed....However such was last weekend in a rich sunshine weekend...that one could skip too...and be thankful one cannot see to far what the future holds...
And thus this was yesterday...i did manage to reach Nottingham...i did manage to pick up returning family and on the way to a picinic lunch in Wollaton Hall...This tiny Mini..thought bollocks..perhaps it had heard whispers that after 14 years it was time to think on some newer wheels perhaps it was to attached to the family and really did not want to end.....its life in below... surroundings, perhaps i should not have taken the picture below on Friday afternoon of this

Resting place for tired old cars with gates tightly pad locked and by the looks of mother nature trying to reclaim land that once was hers and as i took this picture through it did not look as if anyone had walked in here for years.Thankfully i have always had breakdown cover for anywhere in the country...and two super lads helped me get the old girl home and thankgoodness i had...some white wine in the fridge and what will tomorrow bring is unknown and best left there....

To all whom pass this way love and peace take care..xx

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