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Bank Holiday Monday 31st August 2020.

Bank Holiday Mondays always feel as if Sunday has come twice in one week....the August one simply means Summer is over. Sometimes we look forward to an Indian Summer in September sometimes we are shocked and one arrives...in the Manchester Basin...However there are words out in public now saying due to the naughty boys of the  British Empire we can no longer say Indian Summer...as it is a slur against those whom have flocked to these islands..whom are shocked that there is no summer at all, and the national dish is boiled cabbage and have taken the cricket bat to our ways with a gusto.. At this moment in time there is a war against the BBC....whether because of the cost every house hold pays towards the upkeep dispite Sky, Netflicks, costs...or whatever fish one fries... or the fact England beat Pakistan in the cricket this summer is debateable..The Tory Party hate the BBC as much as the working class hate Thatcher....I in my own thoughts think the BBC will die within Five years or sooner, and anyone mentioning the British Empire will have to put a star on their collar and possibly the world knows what happened then.
Today is the last day of the Remberance of the 1970 Isle Of White Pop Festival...600.000 attended..Tiny Tim sang There Always Be An England...Sadly i do not think so...in my own small way i have tried to celebrate the event this weekend as at the time i was simply 14 years old, the world, the future, looked bright now simply today it looks like a bucket of shit, once mentioned in a book by Bill Bryson some good few years ago perhaps i read the book,when i was simply 14...and is possibly banned now for writing the word English.
Before i drift into melancholy madness..to all whom pass this way..love and peace...take care...xx  



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