bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 17th September 2020.

It has been a strange week, i have found myself climbing over giant mushrooms and floating down stream in a solitude of thoughts as summer begins to be clawed away by the hind leg of the devils donkey begins to kick and trample the last few scraps of Summer, the word we once used with free will " Indian Summer " for this time of year, can only be now whispered in the corner of old crones panties. Freedom of Speech has passed into history along with old public houses that once sold fine beer, Libraries too have been scolded boarded up or made into childrens play school for half the books within have no place for the politics of this green land due to certain lamblastic words this Summer. Quite why i had these morbid thoughts whilst tripping around the Manchester Basin today in my tiny red van as i passed the boared up pubs and bright sunshine,usually the sites do not really register so vividly, perhaps the noon pile-up on the motorway or the conversation i had in a second hand record store...which remains open these days as the man said this morning just simply for a laugh and to pass the time of day on Thurs/Fri/Sat.. with the odd balls such as i whom still buy CD'S...four for ten quid how could i refuse plus the gift of one free for the man was not to sure if one was scratched or not...i suspect such things as spotify had fucked up the collectors market on used records from the way he was talking that most 45's...videos...cassettes...are now worthless compared to when he opened his shop thirty years ago... as i paid for my goods..i left with a heavy sigh.
Perhaps to i can sense the shadow of melancholy madness waiting for winters bite to play ball games inside my head, i can only smile knowing this will be my last full winter in a tiny red van and so far no one group can quite take away the freedom of ones minds thoughts quite yet.
On a brighter note someone sent me a small note today saying that the childrens programme Postman Pat.. was first aired today on the 1981..the summer of 1981 was the first year of myself climbing into a tiny red van...

Toall whom pass this way love and peace..have a good weekend ahead and take care..x

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