bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 23rd September 2020.

As poked my head up from emptying a post box this afternoon,a little old juicy crone, arms full of plastic,paper bags and that dirty great handbag that old juicy crones carry in England incase it rains so they can climb inside and keep dry, stopped and said i was doing a good job through this Virus...i rested for a few moments, feeling that she just wanted a wee chat for comfort sake, and as i am becoming old to and have that feeling sometimes that to chat with someone out on the street feels good and gives that little spring in life that we are not alone...when talking to some stranger never seen walking the planet before...we talked pondered about Big Bad Boris's plans for the country for the next six months...due to the IT-Virus sadly we both thought that we not be shocked if in six months Big Bad Boris would repeat himself for another six months and on and on...therefore we smiled and each other bade farewell to the tune of Keep Buggering on...

To all whom Pass this way Love and Peace and take care...x

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